These 12 x 1W RGB LED high powered PAR cans are small, lightweight and give out a huge amount of light for such a small unit. Designed for a variety of different applications these PAR38 cans are great for illuminating a display, lighting a room or used as a permanent fixture in a pub, nightclub or small theatre. You can use these PAR cans in standalone mode, set a permanent static colour or run one of the internal programs including, colour scroll or sound to light. The rear panel DIP switches make them very easy-to-use, whilst the 4 channel DMX mode allows professionals to take full control of these light effects.

  • 12 x 1W Ultra bright LEDs (4 x Red, 4 x Green, 4 x Blue)
  • Sound activated mode
  • Auto colour scrolling
  • Improved optical lens for optimum colour mixing
  • Static colour select
  • Master/slave mode
  • 25° - 30° beam angle
  • Twin bracket for free standing and secure mounting
  • Lightweight and robust aluminium housing
  • We recommend that this product is used within the guidelines HSG95

Power 230Vac, 50Hz
Power consumption 16W
Fuse rating F1A
LED type 12 x 1W
LED qty 12pcs (R:4, G:4, B:4

Beam angle 25-30°
Light projecting distance 10-15m
DMX channels 4
Weight 1.5kg
Laser & LED safety standard BSEN60825-1 2007

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