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Sword 2

Part Number Sword 2 ELC

Criss cross dichroic beams effect


Experience has proven that if you really want to make something better you can! We have done just that with the new SWORD lighting effect.

Whilst it may look vaguely similar it is in fact a very different machine from its predecessor. The new SWORD is far more compact, focusable and features a protective grill for the dichroics. But most importantly of all it is four times brighter than its predecessor and its randomly produced dichroic colours are extremely strong and rich. The SWORD has two independently motorised dichroic mirrors which, depending on their position, can produce up to six random coloured beams of pure dichroic colour. These mirrors can be adjusted to allow the beams to sweep in parallel or diagonally and the whole SWORD can be mounted either vertically or horizontally to provide the user with a generous choice of effect presentation. The light source is provided by two inexpensive 100W 12V dichroic lamps, each focusable. Sound activation is totally automatic and requires no connection to a sound system. Simply connect the SWORD to the power and its internal electronics will sense the sound level and activate the mirrors accurately in time with the bass beat of any music.


Dichroic colours : 4 (producing 6)
Sound response : Internal microphone, auto level
Lamps : 2 x A1/231, 100W 12V
Power requirements : 230V AC 50/60Hz 240VA
Dimensions : 625mm x 210mm x 110mm
Weight : 9.2kg

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