MiN™ Laser Star Chauvet

It's an ultra compact, plug-and-play laser effect light that projects dozens of greens stars and red laser beams that fill any room. Two convenient mounting stands and an infrared remote control are included to make set-up and operation a breeze.

  • Pint-sized green star and red beam laser projector for use in small parties that need big coverage
  • Independent control of the red and green laser diodes allow for true customization of the effect
  • Covers a huge area and looks great with or without fog
  • Set the color and rotation speeds wirelessly with the included wireless remote control
  • Motor spins in both directions and at variable speeds to create an ever-changing star field
  • Includes 2 different mounting options to fit the style and mood of any event or partyhttp://www.chauvetlighting.com/min-laser-star.html
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