This highly desirable laser is the first of its kind to create blue cluster patterns. This coupled with the popular LS01 programs make this product extremely diverse and suitable for many applications. It features an 11 channel DMX for those who want to be creative, whilst the 11 stand alone modes of operation cater for the mobile DJ or performer. Combine this laser with smoke or haze to enhance the effects created.

  • 10 DMX channels program/sound, rotation speed, rotation direction, effect size, effect speed, strobe
  • 11 Stand alone modes of operation (Slow moving star effects, shape changing effects in both sound-to-light mode or automatic)
  • Key control for laser emission with added security of remote switching facility
  • Sound activated with sensitivity control
  • Fan cooled
  • Two motors for grating effect
  • Master/slave mode
  • We recommend that this product is used within the guidelines HSG95

Power supply 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 25W
Fuse rating T1.6A
Laser power 200mW (450nm) Blue
Laser class 3B

DMX channels 10
Dimensions 250 x 175 x 110mm
Weight 2.6kg
Laser & LED safety standard BSEN60825-1 2007

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