Our ultimate laser, the LS-X PRO, is an effects laser with a difference. It combines the technology of the Angel laser with that of a cluster to produce stunning effects. The laser can be operated in pattern, cluster or a combination of both modes with the options of automatic and sound activated modes. Adding smoke or haze to this light effect will take it to the next level, making it a must have item for any nightclub or mobile DJ
  • 100mW red and 50mW green lasers
  • 3 automatic modes of operation (cluster, pattern and combined)
  • When in pattern mode the two colours combine to produce a yellow beam adding to the effect
  • 3 sound activated modes of operation (cluster, pattern and combined)
  • 10 channel DMX512 (mode, grating, pattern, X position, Y position, scan speed, colour , strobe and more
  • Key control for laser emission with added security of remote

    Sound activated with sensitivity control

    Fan cooled

    Master/slave mode

    We recommend that this product is used within the guidelines HSG95

    Power supply 100-240Vac, 50/60Hz
    Power consumption 28W
    Fuse rating T1.6A
    Laser power 50mW 532nm Green, 100mW 650nm Red
    Laser class 3B

    DMX channels 10
    Dimensions 250 x 240 x 110mm
    Weight 2.6kg
    Laser & LED safety standard BSEN60825-1 2007


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