Chauvet Cirrius

It’s a unique green and red lumia effect combined with a blue LED ripple effect, creating one unique laser. It has three operating modes: manual, automatic and sound-activated. Plus, it’s versatile with separate controls for lasers and LED. It’s lightweight and portable, perfect for mobile performers and small clubs.

Product Manual
Cirrus_UM.pdf (1558K

Product Specification Sheet
Cirrus-CutSheet.pdf (9182K)

  • Combines LED and laser in one effect
  • Creates a soothing night sky atmosphere with ever-changing patterns
  • 3 operating modes:
  • Separate control of laser effect and LED
         Laser: separate red and green strobe rates or full on
         LED: electronic dimmer (0 – 100%)
         Laser & LED: rotation speed
  • High-power, 5W (1,000mA) LED
  • Complies with FDA / CDRH standards for Class 3R
  • Additional power output: max 50 units @ 120V (see manual for details)
  • Coverage angle: 76°
  • Light source (laser): 532nm/30mW green laser diode, 660nm/80mW red laser diode
  • Light source (LED): 1 deep blue (450nm) LED
  • Power and current: 120V, 60Hz: 15W, 0.2A operating, 0.2A inrush
  • AC Power: Autoswitching 100V – 240V 50/60Hz
  • Weight: 3.6lbs (1.6kg)
  • Size: 7.4in x 10.3in x 6in / 188mm x 261mm x 175mm
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