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NJD Chaos 100W Sound To Light Auto Moon

NJD Chaos 100W Sound To Light Auto Moon Lighting Effect
By simply plugging the CHAOS into the mains this unit will fill the air with a constantly changing carousel of lights. With two selection switches allowing the user to choose either constantly moving beams or "sound activated" and constantly changing colour/gobos or "sound activated". The CHAOS is a simple but impressively effective way of filling a venue with, sound activated shapes and colours at a fraction of the price of its intelligent counterparts, and an ideal solution for mobile or hire applications.
Colour Black
Dimensions 220x205x115mm
Weight 4.5kg
Power Input 230Vac@50Hz
Colours Produced 17 + White
Control Style Sound to Light
Bulb Type 12V 100W A1/231 (G016ZU)